Visiting Santa

December 18, 2012 in Uncategorized by Penny


(Have you ever noticed that I always start my posts with “so”?)


My original plan was to hold off with the whole “Santa thing’” for as long as I could with Tater. I was hoping for him to be school-age before the infatuation with Santa began. My reasons for this were due to already going through the big lie with Spud. I wasn’t looking forward to round 2.

However, thanks to the endless stream of Christmas movies we have been watching, Tater is currently all aboard the Santa train. And a few days ago, he told me he wanted to “see Santa”.

I totally cracked. My resolve was zilch.

Tater told me he wanted to see Santa, and I said, “You want to see Santa? Okay! I’ll take you to see Santa!”

I had originally planned to take him this past weekend, but I came down with a terrible cold, and the only thing I was able to do was lay on my couch and watch episodes of “The Walking Dead” that I had already seen. I would break from the zombies only to nap. That was my weekend.

But today I felt much better, and so me and my Potatoes went to see Santa.

I won’t lie. I was dreading the experience.

When Spud was exactly Taters age, we took him to see Santa. The line was ridiculous. We waited in line for probably 45 minutes. And when our turn finally came around, we were totally creeped out by the Santa. To this day, I swear he was half dead. He didn’t talk, he didn’t smile, his movements were slow and painful looking. His makeup was caked on in an effort to make him look cheerful, and to hide his zombiefied-state. We paid a fortune for a single picture. It was a terrible experience.

Anyhoo, the last several days, Tater and I have been talking about our impeding trip to see Santa. It would go something like this:

Tater: “Mom, see Santa Claus?”

Me: “Yep. We’re going to see Santa Claus.”

Tater: ‘”Where does Santa live?”

Me: “Santa lives in the North Pole.”

Tater: “Cold?”

Me: “Yes, it’s cold where Santa lives.”

Tater: “Sit on Santa’s wap?”

Me: “Yes, you’re going to sit on Santa’s lap.”

Me: “And you’re going to tell Santa what you want for Christmas.”

Tater: “Candy, juice, milk.”

Me:”You want candy, juice, and milk for Christmas?’”

Tater: “Uh-huh!!!!!”

Me: “Okay!!!”

Please picture us having this exact conversation 1,500 times. Because that’s how many times we had it. 

Today, after Spudman came home from school, we set out.

We had the above conversation 60 times in the car. Little man was practically vibrating with excitement.

Now, imagine my absolute giddiness when we arrive at Santa’s workshop, to find the shortest line ever. The decorations were amazing, all the kids were happy, and we took our place in line. We only waited for about 3 minutes. As we neared the front of the line, I pointed Santa out to Tater. His little face lit up and it was the CUTEST thing.

I was expecting the possibility of Tater being a little bashful. But I should have known better. I told Tater it was his turn, and he just ran up to Santa and lifted his arms up so Santa could pick him up. Santa was AMAZING. He was so sweet and enthusiastic, and by George, he had a real beard. Tater was staring at him and smiling, and I swear, I got teary-eyed. I’m a ridiculous pile of mush like that. Smile 

Tater and Santa talked, Tater was entranced, and then the picture was taken. Our time was up. Tater stepped down from his lap, though he clearly didn’t want to.

As Tater walked away, Santa noticed Spud carefully watching all the activity.

Santa said, “Is this big brother?” 

Spud nodded and said “Yes.”

Santa said, “Well get up here!”

Spud shook his head, grinned from ear to ear, and started to retreat.

Santa wasn’t having it.

Santa got up, went to Spud quickly before he could escape, and grabbed him by the arms. He pulled him down on his knee and treated him just like one of the little kids, and I could tell that, even though he was a little embarrassed, Spudman totally loved it.

I wanted to kiss the Santa.

And then I made my way to the photo stand, expecting to spend a small fortune on 2 pictures. They handed me both pics and said, “Here’s your free pictures. Merry Christmas.”

So yeah. Best 10 minutes of my life ever.





I really like my kids.

Tater has said, “Mommy! I sit on Santa’s wap!” about 35 times this evening. I smile every time he says it too. Smile