The Girly Space

December 31, 2012 in Uncategorized by Penny



If you’ve been reading my blog for at least the past year, you will know that in early 2012, I developed an almost psychotic “thing” with makeup.

I set up a vanity space in my bedroom, and this space has morphed and changed a lot over the past year. I took photos and blogged many of the changes, which you can see on my “Makeup Page”. (When I first started blogging about makeup, I had enough makeup to fill a small makeup bag. This is laughable to me now.)


I must make a detour in my storyline now, but I promise everything will tie together.

December 23rd is my birthday. (I turned old this year. Smile)


My husband informed me that he was making a present for me.

Now, two things should be noted about this….

1. I thought I knew what he was making me. I have been asking for a small coffee table for a long time, and I thought that’s what he was building for me. (Note to husband: I am so glad it wasn’t a coffee table. I am not the kind of girl that would like a coffee table as a present. Just FYI. Smile)

2. It is really, really hard for my husband to surprise me, in any way. We have been together a really long time, and I am extremely in tune to everything he does…..and says….and thinks. And vice versa.

So when he carried this in and set it up on my vanity, I was kind of shocked speechless……..IMG_8231

A giant, handmade vanity mirror!!!!!!!!

Pardon my language, but, HOLY SHIT, right!?!?!!

Large, lighted mirrors like this are VERY expensive, and when I would see them, I would always think, “Those are nice”,  but my brain would never transition into “I want that” because of the insane amount of money I would have to spend to get one.

So, basically, he got something for me that I wanted but didn’t KNOW I wanted.

Because he’s awesome.


Reasons why I love it:

1. Obviously, there is the makeup application and hair factor. That’s obvious, so I will move on.

2. He made it light enough that I can move it around easily when I need to. And, he put felt fabric on the bottom of it so it slides easily and doesn’t scratch up my table. It’s not bolted down…it moves freely as I need it to and I love this.

3. It blocks a lot of the natural light coming in through the window that my vanity table sits in front of. Now, this could be a downside for many people, but let me explain…….

I am really, REALLY, paranoid about sun exposure. To the point of being downright neurotic about it. If I was spending a lot of time at my table working on projects, I had gotten into the habit of blocking the window with a sheet to protect my skin from the sun. Yes, I know there are blinds on the window. Yes, I know the sunlight is “filtered”. But look, I intend to age gracefully, and that means the sun is the devil. So, I had to sacrifice the light (which I HATE) in order to better protect my skin.

4. What I’m going to say next is possibly going to sound really strange and neurotic, but surely regular readers is used to that from me……

I find bright lightening very energizing. There is nothing I hate more than sitting around in the dark. I can not stand it. As soon as I wake up every morning, the very first thing I do is throw open all the blinds to let the light in. It perks me up, it cheers me up, and it gets me moving around much faster and much more efficiently. I think being in dark rooms makes one more depressed, and more lazy. At night, I try to keep lights off in unused rooms (electricity isn’t cheap), but the rooms I’m using, holy dang, they are light up like the fourth of July.

So here I am, sitting at my vanity table, and everything around me is lit up like a dang airport runway. I am totally in love with that, and I swear, I have been more productive since having these lights blazing. (Notice the 3 blog posts in 2 days. Smile)


Here’s a few more pictures……

I have the mirror turned to the side, because the reflection of the six billion books in the background was very distracting to the picture. Smile







Gonna be honest here…the above pictures are, in a sense, not truthful.

I cleaned the surface of my table just to make things look better for the pictures.

I always always have a folded towel spread across the surface of my table to protect it from makeup stains, scratches, and pen marks. (I don’t just use this space for makeup. I use it as a workstation too. I photograph things on the table, and I write and read here too. I’m writing this post at my table.)

Therefore, the mirror doesn’t stay on top of the table all the time. When I’m finished with my daily makeup, I set the mirror in the windowsill. Here is an honest picture of how my table looks the majority of the time….IMG_8246

There you have it. A completely perfect birthday gift from the Hub. Weird makeup obsession being fed. Girly space is totally awesome. Happy girl. Yes.


But I’m not done yet…….

When I was planning out this post in my head, it occurred to me that I had not yet blogged about another REALLY AWESOME addition to my girl space. Shame on me.

Another item I had been wanting for a long time was a nail polish rack. And, around a month ago (maybe longer), my nephew, Clay, said he was going to make me one.

Total squee.

If you don’t know what “squee” means, envision me jumping up and down, clapping, and making a really annoying, very girly, squealing sound.

That is the definition of squee.


Here is the handmade, hand-PAINTED, nail polish rack that my nephew made……..


Here is a close-up of the hand-painted details Clay added. He didn’t use stenciling or anything of that nature. It was totally free-hand. Because he’s awesome.


I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!?!

I am totally convinced that both my husband and my nephew could make some good money building things like this to sell to girly-girls like me. And if they were to team up and build things? Holy cow.


My girly space is my happy space.

I feel that I will do many productive things while sitting at this space in the coming new year. Just sayin. Smile I have good feelings. Smile