January 24, 2013 in Uncategorized by Penny

I fill up my camera roll FAST. After about 2 months, I’m forced to delete all the pics from my phone because I run out of space. So, I copy all of the pics to my external hard drive, and delete. And delete. It PAINS me to delete. But alas, it must be done.

The biggest downside to cell phones…..I don’t get out my DSLR enough. I see a photo opportunity, and I simply pick up the ol’ iphone. I need to start snapping more pics of my kiddos with my camera.

And………for me, I tend to not share the cell phone pictures as freely as I would DSLR quality pics. So, this evening when I syced my phone, I thought, “Hey! Let’s post some cell phone pics!” I’m thinking I may do this every couple of months. You have been forewarned.

Most of these pics are of Tater, because let’s face it, he’s a character and I take his picture a lot.

I hereby swear not to bombard you with the one zillion makeup-related pictures on my phone.

And, some of these pics are weird. I screenshot a lot of things that amuse me. And I screenshot things just to text to my oldest son. And, I’m just weird.

Essentially, this post is a little peek into my everyday life. Smile

Here we now go……..


Tater took the above photo while I was napping. Smile





I took a screenshot of the above photo to show my mom. I knew she’d love it.


Oh hell. How’d that get on here?



I also have a large array of videos, but this post is massive enough. Smile

What’s on YOUR phone??? Smile