Meatloaf Made With Stuffing Mix

February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized by Penny

Hello Blog. Hello People possibly reading this blog.


I’ve been meaning to blog about this recipe for roughly a month and a half.

I never got around to it because I’ve been blog-lazy.

No more blog-lazy.


Anyhoo, the vegetarian has a meatloaf recipe for you. Sha-zam.


I found this recipe on Pinterest. I was just scrolling through the pins one day, and I stumbled upon this REALLY EASY recipe. It occurred to me that I had not purchased or prepared any meat for the carnivores in my house in well over a month. I decided to treat them.

Please be warned: I’m going to tell you how I prepared my take on this meatloaf in a really unspecific manner. Writing an exact recipe is tedious and unpleasant and I refuse to do it. My recipe will be written in Pennyese.

Pennyese is in fact a language. My husband and oldest son is fluent in the language. My sister is also fluent, though I think the extreme weirdness of the language slightly frightens her.



I made this meatloaf with ground turkey. I refuse to buy or cook with beef. Or pork. If I buy meat products for my family, it’s poultry.

You can use beef if you want. I won’t be mad.


*Sad face*

I want to hug it and kiss it and name it Norman.


Sorry. That was very PETA of me.

I am not a PETA supporter, by the way.



(Ever noticed how I get sidetracked a lot??)


What to do:

In a big mixing bowl, empty one boxed stuffing mix. Add 1 cup of water. 2 eggs. 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of barbecue sauce. Any desired seasonings. (I use seasoned salt, pepper, and a little creole seasoning.) Mix together well. Add 2 pounds of ground turkey. Unless you’re cooking Norman. If you opt for this version, add two pounds of ground Norman. Now dig your hands in and squeeze and smash everything together. Grease a loaf pan. Dump in the turkey or Norman mixture. Cover generously in barbecue sauce. Bake at 350 until done. Since I never time the food I cook, all I can tell is to cook the bad boy for 1-2 hours. You know, until it’s done.

Notice I use barbecue sauce instead of ketchup. Pre-vegetarian days, meatloaf was one of my favorite dishes, but I never cared for them to be covered in ketchup. I always use hickory smoke barbecue sauce instead. The male gender in my house loves this.


Now I must talk about the vegetarian-friendly side dishes you see in the above photo.

I am currently obsessed with roasted broccoli.

The first time I had ever tried roasting broccoli was about two months ago, and HOLY DANG, I am addicted.

I buy fresh broccoli crowns and cut the florets off. I spread them out on a baking sheet, and give them a coating of oil. I bake them at 350 until they’re done. (See? I don’t time it.) Once they’re done, I sprinkle them with garlic salt, regular salt, and pepper. This is totally addicting and I can easily eat an entire baking sheet full of broccoli by myself.


And the mashed potatoes…..

Next time you make mashed potatoes, please, I beg you, add cream cheese to them. Do the butter and milk thing, but go nuts and throw in a whole package of cream cheese too. I will never, ever, be able to go back to regular mashed potatoes.

And because I was being generous with the dead animal protein that day….


……I decided to serve some chicken and noodles (made from scratch!) over the mashed potatoes.


The carnivores were happy that day.