The Funz

February 22, 2013 in Uncategorized by Penny

I took my Potatoes out to have the funz tonight.


Skating rink funz.

I was going to just drop the Spudman off and let him do his independent big-boy thing, but I decided to take Tater in and let him have all the funz as well.


Tater really hates all my cameras. HATES. This is the face he makes when he is SICK TO DEATH of me clicking pictures.


So, I’m not going to do a lot of talky-talky in this post. I’m basically just shootin these pics out into the world.


Tater found himself a couple of chicks tonight……




Yep. That’s it. My boys had fun, and they are stinkin exhausted.

I am now going to watch Stargate Universe on Netflix and eat Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos.


P.S.     Next time we go to the skating rink, I will not tolerate a bunch of little kids swarming my air hockey table. I’ll take a flame thrower if I have to. The air hockey table is mine.