Homemade Body Scrub

February 23, 2013 in Uncategorized by Penny

Yesterday, I mixed up a homemade body scrub.

Today, my skin feels like melted butter.



Yes I know. That’s not pretty. But don’t let it scare you.


Not only does my skin feel like melted butter, but it’s also glowing like I drank the fluorescent juice out of a glow stick. And I smell like Starbucks.

Triple Win.


I wasn’t compelled to look up a scrub recipe online and be all precise with my ingredients. I just started throwing things together until I had the consistency I wanted.

I used:

  • Ground coffee (caffeinated – don’t use decaf)
  • oatmeal (please don’t cook it first )
  • brown sugar
  • lots of olive oil
  • about a tbsp. of milk


And dude, that’s it. Mix it all up and head to the shower. Scrub and rub, scrub and rub.  (I scrubbed and rubbed until I was red like a tomato.) Avoid the face. Rinse. (You have to rinse REALLY well, or you will find coffee grounds in the oddest places throughout the day. *ahem*)


I rubbed a little on my arm so you can see how it goes onto the skin….


DIY Body Scrub con: there are coffee grounds all in the bottom of my shower, but I’m totally willing to tolerate this for the sake of baby soft, glow stick, Starbucks skin. Yes.



*Please do not ever drink the fluorescent juice out of a glow stick.