Dead Blog

March 1, 2013 in Uncategorized by Penny

So today, my blog died. It was dead. Dead as crap.

I was in full-fledged panic mode for about 4 hours. It was BAD. I got to a point where I was trying to tell myself that the total and complete loss of my blog was not a big deal. It’s just a blog. Not a big deal. *deep breath*

I was stressing. Everybody in my house thought I was becoming a demonic psychopath.

I was on the phone with someone from Bluehost for 45 minutes and I was so completely lost and confused when I got off the phone with that person. She was super sweet and I really liked her, but whoa. I WAS SO CONFUSED. And I don’t get confused very often. She gave me a list of steps to complete that I’m pretty sure were more complicated than launching a rocket into space. Seriously. No….SERIOUSLY.

I was certain my blog was starting to decompose past the point of any possible life-saving attempts. I was sad.

And then I got someone named Ryan on a live chat technical support. Ryan was my hero. He was my white knight riding in on the noble steed.

I copied and pasted our chat because Ryan was awesome. Like whoa and dang. He fixed my blog after it died and decomposed and became all rotten and nasty. Ryan is my favorite.


The initial part of the chat is filled with mega-boring technical info. Sorry bouts that, but it’s necessary.


(I blacked out important information)


Chat ID: 399820. Question: Provider: Bluehost – My Domain is: “” Today, for no apparent reason, I could not log into my blog. My password wasn’t being accepted. I tried numerous things to get myself logged in, but nothing worked. I called Bluehost. I spoke with a nice woman who immediately identified that I was not able to log in. However, she was able to log into my account and view my dashboard, though I was still not able to log in. She decided to take care of a few matters in order to resolve the situation. One of which….she noticed that my domain was listed on my c-panel twice. She backed up all my info, and then had me uninstall the duplicate link. once we did this, she wanted me to upgrade the remaining link. I went to wordpress and downloaded the latest version to my computer. She then had me download filezilla, and she told me to watch some tutorials on the helpdesk site in order to instruct me in getting the wordpress upgrade transferred to the filezilla, and then transferred to my site. Long story short, my blog is totally and completely gone right now. It can’t be pulled up at all and i’m having a slight panic attack. I’m very lost and confused. I’m hoping somebody can take complete control of the situation and get my blog running again.

(9:34:48pm)Ryan P.:Thank you for connecting to our real-time Technical Support chat! We value your feedback and would really appreciate if you’d leave a rating on the survey when the chat is over.
For security validation, I need to make sure you are an authorized user on the account. I need you to provide me with the either the last 4 characters of the cPanel password OR the last four digits of the credit card on the account. If you paid with PayPal, I will need the original Unique Invoice # number from your purchase. Alternatively, we can accept the PIN you may have established from cPanel -> Profile/Billing tab. This chat is secure and encrypted.

(9:35:32pm)Penny:the 4 digits of my cpanel password is             <—– see Ryan? I fixed it. Smile

(9:35:55pm)Ryan P.:She should of not had you run an uninstall. Thats what caused the issue. Let me see if I can restore the files that were uninstalled from our backups.

(9:36:15pm)Penny:oh thank you so much

(9:37:02pm)Ryan P.:Restoring right now, will just take a few minutes.

(9:37:46pm)Ryan P.:Ok, do you see the site now if you go to it?

(9:38:20pm)Penny:YES!!!!!!! THANK YOU! I was stressing out. :-)

(9:38:45pm)Ryan P.:Reading Warm Bodies? I know they are coming out with a movie I’m guessing from that book. It looks hilarious.

(9:39:35pm)Ryan P.:I think.. isn’t that where a zombie falls in love with a living girl? Or am I confused.

(9:39:37pm)Penny:Hahaha! Yes. The book is okay. But I like my zombies not to have any conscious thought processes. :-) —- Let me see if I can log into my blog. One sec.

(9:40:04pm)Ryan P.:Yes! So I was right :) Yeah.. zombies with a conscious kind of defeats the reason they are zombies.

(9:40:35pm)Ryan P.:However, it won’t stop me from watching the movie when it comes out, it looks good.

(9:41:06pm)Penny:I like my zombies to be mindless eating machines. Not lovesick puppies. lol!!!! —– I’ll totally watch the movie regardless too. —–I still can’t log in. Any solutions???

(9:41:50pm)Ryan P.:Your homemade body scrub.. ummm.. yeah, don’t think I’d ever use that, I think something is alive in there! Ok, what password are you using to get try to get into the admin panel?

(9:42:24pm)Penny:lmao!! You are freaking awesome. :-) password: 

(9:42:42pm)Penny:It looks scary, but my skin is soft as butter. You should try it. :-)

(9:42:47pm)Ryan P.:I’ll try manually forcing your password to that one and see if that fixes it.

(9:43:11pm)Penny:Awesome. Thanks. :-)

(9:43:19pm)Ryan P.:Are you using the user 


(9:43:45pm)Ryan P.:Bam, try that now.

(9:44:32pm)Penny:I swear on everything good in this world that I would kiss the crap outta you right now if I could. I’m in!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

(9:44:42pm)Ryan P.:And I would not stop you!

(9:45:19pm)Ryan P.:Alright Penny, it’s been fun! ;) Anything else I can help you with?

(9:45:38pm)Penny:lol!!!! I’ve been freaked out and stressin for 4 hours and you fix everything in 5 minutes. I’m a little in love with you. And you like zombies. :-) —–thanks so much ryan!!!!!

(9:46:13pm)Ryan P.:Of course I like zombies! Seen all the movies and read a lot of books!

(9:46:29pm)Penny:the walking dead?????

(9:46:38pm)Ryan P.:Of course

(9:46:56pm)Ryan P.:Actually last night just caught up on the last episode.

(9:47:10pm)Penny:Dude. :-) I like you.

(9:47:31pm)Ryan P.:I like myself too :D

(9:48:13pm)Penny:lmao! You should. It’s been fun ryan. Leave me a comment on my blog sometime with links to where you live on the internet. We’ll be internet buddies. :-)


Dear Bluehost,

You are not paying Ryan P enough money.