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A while back, my husband began making handmade pens.

Once he made a few, they quickly became a hot commodity within my family. We all wanted one. No……actually….. we all wanted twenty. Smile 

We have had some inquiries from people outside our family about his pen-making, so this page is for those who are curious about the process, and for those who already have a pen.

He buys the acrylic “blanks” at a wood crafting supply store, along with the pen “hardware”. (The hardware is the ink cartridge, pen clip, etc. The “blank” is the portion of the pen that is colored. For example, in the above photo, the “blank” is the green portion of the pen.) He “turns” these acrylic blanks on his lathe using handheld tools to shape them. Once shaped and polished, he puts all the pieces together, resulting in a really beautiful pen.

This explanation I have just given is the really, really simplified version. It’s actually quite a process.



The amount of choices for blanks and hardware are extensive. Below, I have taken some screenshots of a few examples….


Please note the total cost for materials at the bottom of the above picture. Materials can get costly depending on what type of pen is being made.


All of the blocks of color in these photos are “blank” choices for a future pen.


Note the price difference of this pen. Again, the prices can vary by the desired materials.

All the materials can be picked out online too!


Here are a few pictures of some pens he has made….


The above pen is made from walnut. Wood blanks can be purchased from the wood crafting supply store, but this is wood that he already had on hand. He has also made pens from deer antler.


If you really what to understand how it is done, here is a video of him working on a pen. It’s very long, and it can get boring, but if you’re interested, give it a go. Smile 


Because of the tools my husband has, he is currently only able to make a pen style called the “cigar” pen. This pen deploys the ink cartridge by twisting the midsection of the pen either left or right. Because people who get a pen from my husband always wonder about the proper method of changing the ink cartridge, we filmed a short video to demonstrate how to remove the ink cartridge.


And….these pens uses your choice of the Parker Pen refill cartridges.



My husband wrote a short post about making pens, and that can be viewed here.

Click this link to see more pictures of pens being made.

If you have an inquiry about pens, you can email me at love.books.dogs@gmail.com . Please use “handmade pens” in the subject line.

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  1. Your sister says:

    I’m going to need pens for everyday of the week. :-)

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