Random Ramblings:

On Marriage: (A How-To) ………….I’ve been with the same man for 14 years now, therefore, it’s only appropriate for me to tell women everywhere how we make it work.


What To Do When Procrastinating……This is a list I made when I was procrastinating another project. I was mildly crazy when writing this. Not at all like the rest of the time when I’m slightly crazy.


Follow up to the Procrastinating post….. Writing that post made my imagination run wild.


Parenting…..Helpful advice


Hard Learned Life Lessons


How To Eat An Oreo……In case you wasn’t really sure of the proper technique.


The Accent Vlog


What I Would Do With A Million Dollars……I retract the statement I made in this post about the Hummer. I would buy a Prius instead. :-)



I don’t travel. Ever. But if I could, these are the places I would go.

5 Places in the US

5 Place outside the US


Serious Stuff:

5 Blogging vows

The first time I ran 1 mile……..This was very exciting for me.


Productivity……..I feel better when I get things done.


A Price Tag On Vegetarianism…….Mathematical musings on the benefit of being a veg-head.


For my Potatoes:

The King Tater Chronicles:

(Be warned: King Tater is very condescending.)

King Tater part 1

 King Tater part 2

King Tater part 3

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