The Makeup Diet

June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized


If you want to know what the heck I’m talking about, read this first…..Round 2.



Before I get started with the all new makeup posts, I feel it necessary to tell you something about myself.

I have phases.

I have phases in which I become obsessed with certain things. Some phases last longer than others. All phases get pretty psychotic.

Some examples:

1. Books.

I love books. Me love them big time. But several years ago I became obsessed with collecting as many as I possibly could. I would wake up early on the weekends to go to yard sales with the express purpose of acquiring books. I would hit up thrift stores, used book stores, and I would buy some new. One day I woke up from my “book phase”, looked around, and realized I had acquired somewhere around 2,000 books.

2,000 books take up a gigantic amount of space.

They have been drastically downsized in recent years.

My husband hated this phase.

2. Pens.

I think most women love a good pen. Some men do too. But I became completely enthralled by pens. I would squeal when driving by office supply stores. I researched pens, shopped for pens, drooled over pens, acquired pens. It was odd.

I still really love pens. If I’m writing something, I absolutely must have a “nice” pen. However, I no longer am obsessed and pen-driven the way I was during this phase. I have a nice pen collection to keep me writing for a long time, and I no longer feel the need to add to this collection. Thank God.

My husband hated this phase. 

3. There was even a phase (a very long time ago) when I wanted to collect rubber bouncy balls. Yes. I mean little balls that kids bounce and play with.

My husband was baffled by this phase. I don’t know how he could not be. I was baffled by it too.

Geez. This is getting really embarrassing.


So, anyway, as I’m sure you have already figured out, makeup has been my recent phase. Of course, I’ve always loved it and worn it, but I was never held tightly in it’s clutches as I have been recently.

My husband has been okay with this phase. I find this odd, but hey, I’m not questioning it.


Now, I am not without sense. I promise I’m not. Though after reading the weirdness above, you probably think I don’t have any logical reason whatsoever. But I swear I do.

The reason I am trying to convince you that I do have the ability to use the logic is this………You are going to see that I have acquired quite a bit of makeup. Not as much as some women, but more than one person needs.  I know this. I know I have a lot, and I know I don’t need it all. I KNOW. But…. I have been in an addicted phase.

Yes…… Addicted phase is my excuse.

Yes…… I believe it is a good excuse.


Thus, I have put myself on The Makeup Diet.

I have told myself numerous times over the past few months that  “I will not buy more makeup. I will not.” And, inevitably, I bought more makeup.

The makeup….it calls to me in a sweet, soft voice.

So I had to get strict with myself.

I made a list of rules and regulations, and below is the general guidelines.

My immediate goal with the makeup diet is to, obviously, control excessive product acquirement and, obviously, spending. But my ultimate goal with the makeup diet is to, hopefully, wean myself off of this phase. Though I’m having a big feeling and fear that this may become a very long-term phase. As in, life-long. *scared face*


The Makeup Diet deets:


Clearly, two months is not a long time to go without buying makeup. The average, less neurotic girl, if she were well-stocked on her everyday cosmetic items, could go two months without buying makeup with zero problems. Hell, I’ve done it numerous times throughout my life.

But, I’m in a PHASE. So because I’m in a PHASE, two months is a loonnnggg time.

You understand….right??

Right. I know you do. You’re so sweet.



Two days into the diet, I felt the need to….write some things down.

Makeup I may want post-diet days, makeup I would break my diet for, new makeup that I pray is not manufactured during the next two months.

You know, normal stuff that everybody writes down.

Did I mention this is getting embarrassing?

By the way, the list of makeup I may want after the diet is over is 2 pages long.

But I have big, gnarly handwriting. So it’s really not that much.


One more important note: All of my makeup has been acquired in a very inexpensive way. I am certain that you will be shocked when I tell you the cost of most of the makeup I own. However, this is a blog post for a different day. And that post is coming very soon. 


So, as you’re reading the upcoming posts, please keep in mind that A.) my makeup is very inexpensive, and B.) I am in a severely addicted phase, thus the large acquirement, and C.) I am currently restricting myself heavily.

Thank you. Smile 



Now, let it be stated that my sister may leave a comment on this post about how deranged I am, but I think it should be made very clear that she is just as addicted as I currently am. So don’t listen to her. Open-mouthed smile


Stay tuned.