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So. I’m going to start this post with a bit of a story……

In writing these makeup posts, I have to put quite a bit of thought into what I’m going to blog about, in what order the posts will go up, and how to format the individual posts.

Over the course of a few days, and after jotting down a few ideas, I decided I should next proceed with a post about all of my lip products. I decided this for a few reasons: A.) Breaking the posts up into certain products (face, eyes, lips, etc) is the same format I followed a few months ago when writing my makeup series, and I liked the organizational factor of this method. B.) I knew that the lip post would be the most insane. I knew I had accumulated a lot of lip products, so I wanted to get this out of the way. Meet the enemy head on, so to speak. C.) I have some face products arriving in the mail next week, and I want to include them in my face post, so I have to leave that post for last.

The first thing I do when starting a blog post is collect the pictures for said post. So today I committed to getting my lip post done, and, consequently,  I began to set up the area in which I would take pictures of my lip products. I knew exactly what kind of photos I wanted to take, and in what order.

I wanted the very first picture to be all of my lips products together in a little pile. So, I started to pull items from my very organized makeup drawers and place them in a mound.

The pile kept growing, and growing, and growing….until I was staring down at a heap of lip goop and feeling faintly sick to my stomach. The pile was not little.

I had no idea how much I had acquired.

Having it all laid out before me was a very eye-opening experience. I needed an eye-opening experience.

All of my makeup is nicely organized and tucked away in some pretty little drawers. Because of this, I had really lost sense of how much was in there. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose. But today, when I pulled all the stuff out, I was upset with myself. Thus, I am feeling a very rejuvenated enthusiasm for my makeup diet. But instead of the diet being two months long, it should really be about 6 years.

Now…….For the women in the world that sees this and thinks, “OH MY GOD! That is crazy and stupid and I can’t believe she has that much junk!!!!” ……I totally understand what you are saying. I am actually kind of embarrassed to show the picture you are about to see. Until about 5 months ago, I was JUST LIKE YOU.

And for all the women in the world that sees my pile of lip stuff, starts drooling, and licks the screen of whatever device they are reading this blog on because they find the picture of my lip products so dang sexy….I  love you all. You are my peeps. I am now one of you.


So. Let’s get on with it.

Prepare yourself.


When I started writing my first makeup series, this is all the lip products I had…….


3 lip glosses (2 of which were recently purchased), 2 lipsticks worn down almost to nothing, and a little pouch of mini lip-glosses.

And now, five months later, this is what my lip product collection looks like……….


*laughs manically*


*fidgets compulsively*


*inserts weird physical actions to build the suspense*


*decides to stop blogging about makeup*


*changes mind and decides to continue blogging about makeup….. the people must see how sick in the head I am*


*keeps building suspense*


*finally decides to insert picture*



Here’s a question……….

If the zombie apocalypse happens, will I have enough lipstick and lip-gloss to see me through it??? Maybe I should keep hoarding it? Maybe I could use it as currency during the zombie apocalypse? And if I am able to use lipstick as a currency (which I’m certain I will be) how much more lipstick should I get? I have to have enough to keep for myself, and enough to “spend”. And…..How many loaves of bread do you think I could get in exchange for a lip-gloss???

I need to know these things.



Here’s the breakdown. The deconstructed pile of lip goop. The low-down. The deets.




Eos lip balms.

I love them, they are precious, and they would make great currency.

These are generally around 3 dollas (dollas, not dollars). They are scented, but provide no color….just an all-natural moisturizer for your smacker.



From the Elf studio line.

I really love these. There are 6 colors available.

Very moisturizing, lots of color, pretty long lasting, and SPF. Scented and flavored. Cute and awesome packaging. One of my favorite lip products.

$3 on, but I snagged them for $1.50 each.



Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

This is a new product by Revlon, and because they are crazy popular, it was really hard to find the shades I wanted for quite some time.

Another one of my most favorite lip products.

Moisturizing, rich pigmentation, crazy long-lasting, cute packaging.

The colors I have: (listed in order from top to bottom) Lovesick, Romantic, Honey,  Cherish, and Sweetheart. I also had the color ‘Charm’, but it was not a good shade for me. It now resides in my sisters vanity table.



Nyx Jumbo lip pencils.

A good product, but it doesn’t do anything too special for me. Goes on nice and smooth, good pigmentation.

I’m not wild about the plastic cap…… mine always crack open. This annoys me. But, I do use these pretty often.



Elf Studio Lip Liners & Blending Brush

Lip liner on one end, lip brush on the other.

Another impressive Elf product.

There are 6 colors available, and I have them all.

They cost $3 on the elf website, but I got them for $1.50 each.

Smooth application, stays in place, rich color.

I likey.



Elf Mineral lipsticks. ( I keep these in the box they came in for organizational purposes.)


18 shades available. I have 9.  And even though my mound of lip products doesn’t need to grow in any way, there are still 4 shades that I feel like I NEED.

My colors are: Party Pink, Runway Pink, Pouty Petal, Cool Coral, Natural Nymph, Nicely Nude, Rosy Tan, Ripe Rose, Rich Raspberry. 

The colors I don’t have but NEED are: Fiery Fuchsia, Barely Bitten, Cheerful Cherry, Beautiful Berry. And maybe the color Rosy Raisin.

Yeah. I’m obsessed with these.

They are an all-natural product too.



Revlon Lip Butters.

Crazy popular product right now.

Very moisturizing, rich color (if you buy the right ones), huge color selection. I believe there are 20 shades available.

I like these really well.

My colors are (not listed in order): Sugar Frosting, Lollipop, Sweet Tart, Raspberry Pie, Tutti Fruitti, Crème Brulee, Creamsicle, Candy Apple,



NYC 16 hour lipstick.

I believe I’ve talked about these before on my blog, but oh well.

These lipstick are very impressive.

These cost $1.75 at Target or Walmart. They are very pigmented, long-wearing, and there is a pretty good color selection. I reach for these all the time. However, the packaging is absolutely atrocious. I hate the packaging.

My colors are: Blue Rose, Sugarplum, Flirty, Mousse, Berry Rich, Red Flame.

Here’s me wearing blue rose…….




Nyx Mega Shine lip gloss.

I have these in Dolly Pink and Pink Rose. Love them both. Very nice glosses. Good packaging and applicator. Big color selection. Rich pigmentation.



Revlon Super Luotrous Lip Gloss.

SPF. Rich color, not sticky. Very pretty colors.

Love them all.

My colors: (listed in order from left to right) Firecracker, Pink Pop, Peach Petal, Shine City, Coral Reef.




Elf Studio Glitter Gloss.

I have all the shades available.

$3 each on, but I got them for $1.50 each.

MEGA glitter happening with these glosses. Super blingy. If I’m in the mood for bling, I go for these. Lots of pretty colors.



Rimmel lipstick. Of the long-wearing variety.

Packaging isn’t the greatest, but it isn’t the worst. Good lipsticks. Goes on smooth, rich color. I like the product quite well, but I do have one or two in which I’m a little disappointed with how the color looks on me. I’m not doggin Rimmel or the lipsticks, I just made some bad color selections for myself. These were on sale for around $2 each when I got them.



A few random items.

NYC lipstain….which I love. I have this in the color Pink Champagne. 

NYX round lipsticks. One was sent to me in a monthly makeup sample subscription (myglam), and the other I purchased. These are very affordable at $2 (or $3??) each.

Wet N’ Wild lipstick. Wet N’ wild has some really really good products at very low prices. Their lipsticks are some of my favorites, and, depending on which you get, only cost $1 or $2. The kind that I have is a long-wearing (4 hour) lipstick and I love it.



Hard Candy lipgloss (smells and tastes like birthday cake).

Milani 3d Glitzy glosses. Super pretty glosses, super pretty pretty packaging, but, they are not long-wearing in the slightest. And they are awfully sticky.



Just cuz. Smile 




Lip Primer and Plumper by Elf Studio.

Really works. I love this.

The lip plumber is made of cinnamon. A lot of cinnamon. As in, 10,000 cinnamon sticks is in 1 tube of this lip plumber. It tingles your lips like mad. But, it’s not really a bad thing…..just surprising when you first apply it.

I apply the primer before my lipcolor and it really does seem to help it last longer. 




For getting rid of the dry crusties that sometimes form on your smacker. This is a product that is hard to get ahold of on elf. It is always sold out. I was super happy to finally get some. I’ve used it and I like it quite well.


And, well, gee……I guess that’s it.

I wish I had more to show you, but I only have a few things.



I am never buying makeup again.

Please don’t judge me. I clearly have a mental illness.

I can’t believe I am going to post this.