Random Thoughts 4

September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Clearly, titling my blog posts is something I struggle with.


1. The past week, I have been having issues with my lupus condition (extreme fatigue). However, tonight I told myself to get up, get out, and do the jogging thing. The hell with being too tired. And you know what??? I owned it. I kicked assphault. I could have easily done more than my normal routine, but didn’t because it was getting dark. And like most 28 year olds, I’m totally afraid of the dark. Seriously. Actually, I’m afraid of the possible weirdos lurking in the dark. 


2. I think one reason I had such an awesome run is the fact that it is 63 degrees outside right now. ME LOVES. I actually had to wear a hoodie while jogging, which felt completely weird and really great at the same time. I’ve only ever ran in uncomfortable heat. Ew.

Might I add that it was about 100 degrees yesterday. Oklahoma. The weather here is bipolar.

3. Might I also add that when I run (jog, whatever), I move like molasses. But I’m cool with that.

Changing gears………

4. So. The accent vlog. I’m scared. I don’t wanna.

I’m a hermit. I’m introverted. I’m a social invalid. Recording a video of myself to put on my blog makes me feel slightly nauseous.

BUT…..I’m gonna do it.

I’m feeling like this is a good place for a quote.

That’s an awesome quote, isn’t it?  SO true.


4. I’m loving this book.

I’m only on page 70, but I’m just enraptured by it. The main character is a bookish, quiet girl that gets to visit a huge castle with a equally huge library.

That’s all it takes with me. Book love. It’s a disease.


5. That’s it for tonight. I have a book and some Ghirardelli intense dark that has my name all over them.