Simple Pasta & Veggies

September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized


I mentioned this pasta briefly in another post, and then decided I should talk about it a bit further.

This is super easy. It’s just something I threw together one evening, and have made it several times since. My 10 year old likes it too, as long as I don’t get too crazy with the vegetables. Of course.

Kids. Smile


I do not have measurements. I simply make enough for one person or three people. Also…. it depends on how hungry I am.

So here it goes…..

You need:

Desired amount of cooked pasta

Desired amount of grape tomatoes (cut in half), zucchini (chopped), and sliced mushrooms. Sautee veggies together in a nonstick pan (no oil) for about 5 minutes with a sprinkling of salt. Just long enough to tenderize them a little and take some of the nasty flavor out of the demonic tomatoes. Though lets be honest here…..there’s no physical way to make tomatoes taste good, but I do what I can.


And, if you like it, goat cheese

(Note: the reason I do not use oil to sauté my veggies is because of all the oil in the pesto. I try to spare my waistline the excess.)


I’ve made this with whole wheat pasta as well, but I didn’t like it as much. Whole wheat pasta really varies from brand to brand, and I managed to buy a brand that wasn’t great. So instead of buying more whole wheat pasta, I’ve just been using the plain ol white stuff because I had it on hand.

And let’s be honest again……white pasta taste better anyway.


I generally add about 2 tbsp of pesto. Depending on how much pasta and veggies you serve yourself, it may be a little dry. BUT, I like semi-dry pasta. I don’t like it to be swimming in sauce. AND…’ve gotta be careful with pesto, it is loaded with fat grams.


About the pesto……

I buy mine from the store. I wish I could tell you how awesome I am because I make my own, but I don’t have basil growing in my nonexistent backyard, and I can NOT find the herb anywhere to purchase in large bundles. It would probably cost me a fortune anyway. Therefore, my pesto comes in a jar. I’ve tried a few different brands, and this one is by far my favorite…..


Confession: I wrap little bites of tomatoes in bites of pasta to mask their demon taste. When I run out of pasta to hide tomatoes in, I either feed the red orbs of hate to my kids or throw them in the trash. Tomatoes like going in the trash. It’s their home.


And that is all my friends. Smile Enjoy.