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In February 2012, I decided to write a series of posts about makeup. It became a rather large series, in which I covered way more information than just makeup. I talked about skin care, self esteem, organization, etc.

When I started writing this series, I had a normal amount of makeup for one girl. All of my makeup fit into a small makeup bag. I didn’t have a vanity space or giant mirror like the one you see in the above photo. I used the tiny little mirror in a compact powder to put my makeup on everyday. My makeup life was quite “normal” then. However, writing the series awakened a makeup buying frenzy in me that I still struggle with.

As I write this, it is January 1st, 2013. I can look back on these posts that I wrote a mere 11 months ago and laugh. They are so extremely outdated. The amount of makeup I have now is a little shocking, and in fact, I have very few of the products that I blogged about in the posts linked below.

I tell you this so that if you decide to click through and read the series below, you will be aware that what you are reading is the birth of a new era for me. Smile Writing the series kick-started an obsession that has grown tremendously, and what you will read below is not accurate to my current makeup life. At all. Everything is very outdated, simply because my products and storage is constantly changing.


Cosmetics: Intro

Cosmetics2: The Major Downside

Cosmetics3: My Maintenance & Routines

Cosmetics4: My Current Organization

Cosmetics5: My Skin Care Regiment

Cosmetics6: Brands I Love

Cosmetics7: Face

Cosmetics8: Color

Cosmetics9: My Two MUST HAVES

Cosmetics10: Shopping Haul

Cosmetics11: Random Thoughts

Cosmetics12: Ulta $$$$ Saver

Cosmetics13: The End



Vanity: Before and After

DIY shelf

Honey Facial Mask – The best skin treatment I have ever found. More effective than any store-bought product.

Natural Eye Makeup Remover

And just because I know any women reading will like this, here is my ‘What’s In My Bag” post.


Homemade Body Scrub


Eyeshadow looks:


Wet N’ Wild Palette (and NYC lipsticks)


Round 2

The Makeup Diet

Where I Buy Makeup

Lip Products

Eyeshadow Products

5 Things I Swear By


The Girly Space – this is the most updated look at my vanity space. (1/1/13)


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  1. Your Sister says:

    I like. Maybe you could add to your makeup page somehow. You have so many new products you could post about.

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